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After reading this blog article on

How to Do 8 Nights of Hanukkah Without Creating Spoiled Brats | Raising Kvell.


We wanted to share some thoughts from our Center for Counseling, Growth and Development department.

Celebrating the Holidays In an

Interfaith Home

The December holidays present particular challenges for interfaith families.  Parents think about their own holiday traditions and what the children will miss, if they have decided to practice one faithIf you can accept that there will be compromises then you are halfway there. 

While the parents‘ needs are important, it is better to keep the focus on the children’s needs. Use every celebration of a holiday as a teachable moment. Children should be given knowledge and education of each parent’s particular faith, even if they are being raised with one religion.  Be sensitive and always be ready with an honest answer to their questions.

The parents should be responsible for coming to a mutual decision about how the holidays will be celebrated and share the decision with their children.  Leaving the decision to children may cause them to be confused and worried that they will choose unwisely and offend a parent.  Susan Weissmann, Clinical Director at Jewish Family Services (JFS), states “It is key to help children understand that they can enjoy each parent’s holiday without betraying either parent or their religious upbringing.”

It may be agreed upon that both holidays are celebrated in the household, which can give the children a greater understanding of the different ways people observe his or her faith.  Allowing them to delight in the full array of traditions will only enhance their awareness of this culturally diverse world. If only one faith is practiced then find common ground.  All religious and cultural holidays have at least the shared element of harmony.

By openly communicating, showing respect for each person’s faith, and being flexible, the holidays can be a celebration for all.  JFS wishes you a Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa or any other tradition your family celebrates at this time of year.


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